Walking a Meandering Path

I feel like I’ve walked a meandering path physically, mentally, and spiritually my whole life…now I’ve made the decision to share it with you. I’m striving this year to find more balance…to find a better me…and I feel that I can do so not simply by being introspective…but also by putting it all (well ok…some of it) out there on the clothesline for you all to see.  We all make each other better people. Life is about community.   Welcome to mine.

A little about me:  I’m 36 years old and live in central Jersey with my 15 year old sweetheart of a cat.  I work 9-5 at a job I don’t hate to pay the bills–but can’t wait for evening and weekends to hang out with my family and friends, boyfriend, and cat.   I am a nature and animal lover and a vegetarian of 19 years. I try to be as green as I can and love photography although I don’t know what I am doing beyond point and click. I try to get out and enjoy all the beauty that this world has to offer as often as I can.   I’m also a voracious reader…and love to curl up with a cup of tea, my cat and almost anything printed that I can lay my hands upon.

I just bought a new house and my boyfriend and I should be moving into it together by February 1st.  Amid all of this change I’ve made a few “resolutions” and hope that by sharing them with you and by opening my door to you—you’ll not only keep me honest but we’ll have a chance to get to know one another.

 My “resolutions” include:

 1. Getting my apartment, house, and thus my life into some semblance of an order before Spring.

2.  Living a healthier greener lifestyle…including learning to cook and compost.

3.  Focusing in on a few of my hobbies and really learning enough to enjoy them even more…particularly gardening and photography.

 I hope that you’ll all stick around and help me on my journey.


About Melissa's Meanderings

Interests: Green Living, The Environment, Animal Rights, Reading, Gardening, Home Improvement, Pets, Vegetarianism, Photography.
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