What were they thinking?! And what do I do about it?!

I mentioned in my first post that I’d just bought a house. And I absolutely love it! It’s in a great neighborhood, close to family, and it was a steal since it was a short sale.

However I am absolutely daunted by the work needed. Luckily a lot of things were updated about 5-6 years ago including–new roof, heater, air conditioning, kitchen and baths, additions, etc. There are however tons of small things that need to be done from changing out fixtures to repainting and flooring. I have to admit that I as much as I love the neighborhood — the layout of the house and all the finishings seriously disturb me. For instance—they claimed the second bedroom to make a master bath and closet and then added a new second bedroom where the carport had been. Sounds great…except that now the second bedroom is twice the size of the master! Why didn’t they leave the two small bedrooms and make the carport a master suite? It would have been larger and the house would then have three bedrooms instead of two. Also every room in the house has two paint colors and unique flooring…so we have about 20 paint colors, wallpaper, three kinds of carpet, three kinds of linoleum and tile all in a small two bedroom house!! I call it a fun house! We are thinking about the possibility of moving a few walls to improve the overall layout of the home a bit. And obviously who wants to put in new floors or paint walls if everything will be demolished in six months?

So for now I’ve basically decided that I’ll live with the flooring but some painting has to happen before we move in on January 29th. My goal for next weekend, with the help of my boyfriend and his parents, is to repaint the Kitchen (except for the wallpaper), the Dining area and the Living room. This should replace burgundy, bright yellow, tan, and beige with a unifying color and hopefully open up the space. Luckily the “almost in-laws” know a lot about painting, have some supplies, and set me up with a list of what I need to go buy.

I’m going to go pick up a few paint samples today and put them on the walls tonight while the boyfriend tests out the carpet cleaner. Hopefully he’ll be ok with the fact that I don’t like a lot of color and prefer a lighter unifying theme throughout the house. I figure we can punch it up with accessories; rugs, curtains, pillows, etc and will never have to worry about matching the walls or repainting. So for these three rooms I am going to pick up some Benjamin Moore samples today. I’m considering Barely Beige, Sand Dunes, and Light House Landing based upon their online color previewer.

What do you guys think about using one light color throughout the house? Boring and predictable or unifying and airy? And what have you done in your homes or what colors would you suggest? I’d really appreciate the feedback. I’ll come back and post some pictures of the home and the samples tomorrow.


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3 Responses to What were they thinking?! And what do I do about it?!

  1. Daisy says:

    THere are so many things that you can go the DIY route on, and so many things that should be left to the professionals. My boyfriend is a carpenter & my dad & stepdad are (were) as well. My father now owns a building supply company here in Canada, & my best advice to you, is to find a good discount supply broker, since materials (paint, flooring) are expensive & daunting in thier own right.
    I look on craigslist for many of the things that my boyfriend uses, from primer (it`s an undercoat so it doesnt matter if you get a couple half opened cans), to faucets (sometimes people buy them brand new and then change the scheme of thier houses!)

    There are so many options to rennovating, just watch HGTV, it can be fun!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hey Melissa, i agree with you i prefer a clean, simple pallet of color throughout the house to unify the space and open things up. when i lived in my 1st house, it was a tiny cape cod and the advice i received was to keep the colors neutral and in the same family to make the rooms appear larger. You are on the right track! Definitely use accents such as throws, pillows, curtains to give pops of color. I shop the Target clearance shelves to get bargains. Even though our house is now a larger, comfier size for our family, i still prefer the neutral, blended paint from room to room.

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