Paint Sampling

Good Afternoon!! As promised here are a few pictures of the rooms that we’re painting this weekend. The first is an example of my lovely “fun house”–note all the colors:

From left to right: Burgundy, Minty Green in hall, Beige, Yellow (on divider between old den and living room-the wall was previously taken down to make one larger living space), Tan on fake brick, and then back to Burgundy! Dizzy yet? lol And yes…that is what appears to be brand new laminate flooring on the ceiling!!

Now for a few pics of the 2 sections of the living room and the dining area:

Previous den section of living room.

Original section of living room.

The dining area which makes an “L” with the galley style kitchen. No new paint colors–wallpaper instead!!

So…I went to both a local Benjamin Moore retailer and a Sherwin Williams store to pick up some samples. I went first to Benjamin Moore–I had put them to the top of my list because everyone says it is the best paint and my “almost-in-law” recommended this store. I must say that I was disappointed with the service at Benjamin Moore. They did not have samples of any of the three colors I was interested in and did not offer to mix any for me. I ended up just grabbing two samples off the rack that seemed close and hightailing it out of there. Something about the place and the staff made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I then went to Sherwin Williams and although they didn’t have any pre-made samples…they mixed my color up on the spot. So home I went with 3 samples–only one corresponding to my initial list of 4 possibilities.

Have a look and keep in mind that I didn’t prime so there is color bleeding through:

So what do you think?? I have a definite favorite from these three–and might yet go back for more samples. I’d love some input!!


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