Sweet Progress

Just popping in for a moment before bed to keep you updated on the progress at my new house.  As promised here are the pictures of the work done this weekend and today.  We primed (cut in and rolled) two coats on the living room and dining room.  Even with both completely white from the primer it looked 100% better than the “fun house” it once was.  I will say that I am tremendously grateful to my “almost-in-laws” for their help and tools. As first time painters, they really came through for my boyfriend and I!!

As an aside–I will say that the one detriment to working with others, is that one is forced to work on their schedule.  I am definitely a morning person:

When the sun goes up–

I wake up!

When the sun goes down–

I start winding down!

My boyfriend and “almost-in-law” on the other hand–exact opposite.  When the sun sets–they come alive.  Suffice it to say that I spent all day Saturday waiting for the call that they were ready to start painting. I did a few tiny tasks at my home, but didn’t really get anything major accomplished since I wasn’t sure when I’d be interrupted to go start painting. When ready at 8am, I thought, “Great, I have time for breakfast!”  At 12pm, “Ok, well I’d best eat lunch early since we’ll be starting any moment.”  At 5pm, “Should I eat dinner now?” And at 6pm , when the call came, “But…but…it’s time for dinner and a good read and then bed…grumble, grumble, grumble….”

Anyway…priming commenced around 7pm and we worked until midnight…then we were back at it again by the relatively “early” hour of 2pm on Sunday.  A few more hours tonight after work and here’s the progress thus far:

Living room with the beginnings of primer

Other side of living room

Dining area primed

And here goes the first coat of PAINT!!

Note: the boyfriend rolling away and the “almost-in-law” perched precariously on a ladder on the basement stairs to get the peak!

More progress!!

Still plenty of work left though!!

So we have almost a first coat up throughout the space, still need to finish the first coat and paint a second…as well as finish priming and painting the kitchen.  I must say though–I love the color!  Kudos to me 🙂 ::bowing::  I can’t wait until it’s all done and the carpets cleaned so we can start moving in.  Hopefully we’ll finish these three rooms this week…hmmm…might even do the master bedroom this upcoming weekend.  Then it’s one week to pack and one weekend to move in!!


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3 Responses to Sweet Progress

  1. Andrea says:

    Lookin’ good Melissa!

  2. Yay! Progress is definitely coming along! Can’t wait to see more!

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