Sleep Driving

Some people sleepwalk…apparently I sleep drive.  Or at least this morning I did.  (Perhaps I’ve been spreading myself a bit too thin.)  So this morning…about ten minutes into my commute…I have a realization.  I realize that I am driving in the wrong direction.  Did I just change jobs you may ask? No.  Have I recently moved you may ask? Not yet.  This is the same commute that I’ve had for almost three years..I think I know the route.

The problem may just be my new schedule:

1. Wake up

2. Drive to work

3. Work

4. Drive home

5. Take 1/2 hr to change and scarf down some food

6. Drive to the new house

7. Work

8. Drive home

9. Sleep

10. Repeat

Apparently I just know the routine…just subconsciously decided to change it up by doing it in reverse today!!  Suffice it to say–I was late for work. And this is what I looked like upon arrival:

How does it show when you are over tired?  Don’t tell me you don’t all have stories like mine!


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2 Responses to Sleep Driving

  1. silvercannon says:

    I have numerous stories and numerous symptoms. Here’s hoping you take time for fun and relaxation this weekend.

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