Not quite so blue anymore…

In the never ending saga to get my new house ready for moving day this Saturday…I decided to tackle the master bedroom this past weekend.  Yes we haven’t finished the living room/dining room yet…and yes we decided to put off the kitchen, halls, laundry room, second bedroom and baths…

I just really needed to have this done.  So I did what all smart women in my situation would do…I called in for reinforcements.  Thanks bunches to my wonderful best friends–my two sisters–who helped me all weekend.  With the three of us as a team we were able to (almost) finish the room.  Darn…did I say almost?  Yes I admit…we didn’t quite finish.  The wonderful boyfriend has promised to cut the ceiling tonight to finish the room.

To give you an idea of what I was working with…the room is pretty small 13 x 13 and it is BLUE…dark blue carpet, dark blue walls (except for one ugly orangey tan accent wall):

My first dilemma was selecting the color…I am so trying not to do everything boring beige in this house.  After seriously considering using the Benjamin Moore color Moonshine I spied over at this great blog Young Love House, I decided to go less for a gray and more for a soft silvery sage. I narrowed it down to three choices:  BMs Gray Wisp, , Silver Sage, and Wind Chime.  You can see the three colors I was sampling in that order in the picture above.  I opted for the Gray Wisp which is supposedly a match to Restoration Hardware‘s Silver Sage and cut the intensity by 25% so it would be a bit more subtle.

We primed and primed and primed…took two-three coats to cover up that blue:

And here is the almost finished product:

Aside from the migraine I’ve had for the past two days, I must say I’m pretty pleased …and quite happy to no longer be so blue…..

Hopefully tonight the boyfriend should finish cutting the bedroom ceiling and then pack up all the painting supplies.  (We’ll worry about the trim and painting the other rooms after we’ve settled in.) Then I can go over tomorrow to mop, vacuum and clean like a mad woman.  Then packing the rest of the week and the moving in on Saturday!


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7 Responses to Not quite so blue anymore…

  1. silvercannon says:

    It looks great! You got a lot done and even posted about it.
    That’s the thing about projects–they seem to take so much longer than one imagines. It sounds like another really busy week for you.

  2. N B says:

    I am glad to hear you are doing so well on your painting project!!! It looks nice and I look forward to seeing your progress.

    That is also an amazing colour. 😀

  3. tknologlvr says:

    How exciting moving in and making it your own!

  4. Ack! I don’t blame you for wanting the blue gone!! LOL

    It looks much better now! Good job!

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