You know you’re tired when….

So I haven’t been getting my recommended 8 hours of sleep lately.

Take a person who normally suffers from insomnia…combine with weeks of packing, moving, and starting to unpack…add in cohabitating with someone who has distinctly different hours…and then throw in a cat who likes to talk to himself at all hours of the night and maybe you’ll have a small sense of what I’ve been going through for the past month!

Last week-I lost my keys.  Now those of you who know anything about me will probably be already shocked right there since I am a pretty organized person who rarely loses anything.  However the story doesn’t end there.  Picture me standing at the front door: purse in one hand and lunch bag and paperwork in the other.  I put my purse on my shoulder and  reach into my coat pocket for my keys in preparation to leave the house and lock the door behind me.

No keys.

I almost always leave my keys in my pocket. I check the other pocket.

Again No  keys.

I rummage with one hand through my purse.

Still No Keys.

Finally I give up and go back into the living room.  I throw the two bags from my left hand onto the couch.  I toss my purse onto the couch and start rummaging through it once again.


I stop and ask myself why I bothered coming back into the house to look through my purse if I’m still only going to look with one hand. I look at my hands: the right one digging in the purse and the left one clenched at my side.

I stop to think a moment.

I open my left hand.

(No doubt you’ve all figured it out by now.)

After a five minute search…keys found…

Hopefully once I am fully unpacked, once my boyfriend and I manage to adjust to each others schedules, and once the cats get used to each other and the new house we’ll all sleep better at night.

(Oh and by the way…I left the house and got to work today using my spare set of keys.  Yup…lost them again…and I even remembered to check both hands this morning…  :::sigh:::)

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7 Responses to You know you’re tired when….

  1. Andrea says:

    hahah Melissa, reminded me of the time when i was pregnant (talk about brain seizures)…i got ready for work, grabbed my lunch, purse, jacket, car keys, left the house and shut (the locked) door behind me -without my house keys. and Gregg was out of town. Needless to say i had to call the locksmith to drill out the locks to let me in and then replace the drilled out locks. Yeah. good times.

  2. N B says:

    I know the feeling… I have been looking at facebook or something on my phone then hold on to it as I promptly get distracted. I get ready to go somewhere then try to find my phone… which is still in my hand. Unfortunately I have “sometimerz” (that’s what my mother calls it), wherein I can look for something or walk into a room and upon sighing/arrival forget what I was looking at or doing in said room. Oh joy.

    I hope it all gets better-organized soon! 😀

  3. greycatsidhe says:

    I hate times like that!

  4. Nicole says:

    Ha, ha!! I hate when that happens!! Hope you sleep better tonight! 🙂

  5. This reminds me of when I first moved in with my girlfriend. She worked days, I worked nights. And four cats. I repeat, four cats. Eventually, all six of us adjusted to our new lives. Well, until we broke up three years later. I’m really awesome at giving uplifting advice.

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