Hope and Health

As many of you may or may not know…I am a Vegetarian of almost 20 years and also try to live as Green a lifestyle as I can.  I struggle daily with making the right choices for myself, my home, my community and the world….and then often explaining those choices to others.

I firmly believe that every action each of takes has a ripple effect and should not be taken lightly.  However knowing what the “right” choice is…doesn’t necessarily make it easy to choose that option.  So many other things can get in the way: Laziness, Greed, Cravings, Peer Pressure, etc.

Here’s to hoping that all of us can think long term and big picture when making decisions for ourselves and our families…and not bow to societal pressures when doing so.

I read a great post today about plant based diets and hope.  It may seem a bit long but I promise it’s a great read.  Please follow the link below to his post.

Don’t tell the prisoner there is a way out


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5 Responses to Hope and Health

  1. vixter2010 says:

    You’re right about choices and decisions – I am pretty indecisive and there’s always the fear you won’t make the right choice eek !

  2. tknologlvr says:

    Remain strong! Isn’t it funny that peer pressure follows us even after high school?

  3. timkeen40 says:

    Of all the things listed above, I think laziness – we code word it convenience – is at the head of the class. Just think back only sixty years ago, when my grandmother cooked for her family, she used foods that were all grown on the farm. She took her vegetables from a glass jar where they had been preserved for the winter, cooked them, then put the glass jar back for reuse next year. This was the lifestyle of most people back then and almost none now. For the most part, we open vegetables from cans and then the cans get tossed into a landfill where they serve little purpose other than to take up space. We do this because is easier.

    Nice to meet your blog and good luck with your quest.


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