Thankful Thursday – Week Three

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

I’m here yet again on Thursday morning to pause and reflect upon the good in my life and hopefully pass along some positive energy:) Forgive me if this post is exceedingly short…but I’m quite tired this morning…I had a meeting at work that ran very late last night (but yes….still thankful for the job!)

My Thankful three for Thursday-all things that helped get me going this morning:

1.  Hot Water. Nothing beats a nice long hot shower in the morning!  Wakes me up and loosens me up so that I am ready for the day.  I try to remind myself of how lucky I really am…How many people don’t even have water- let alone heated water in a shower in their own homes?

2.  A working car. Cranking the heat up in the car on a cold morning when you’re steering with your fingertips because the wheel is so chilly makes me feel for those who are walking or waiting for public transportation in the cold because they can not afford a car.

3.  Breakfast.  Nothing fancy.  Just a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of hot chocolate here at my desk…but I’m loving it. How many people will be not only going without breakfast today…but also lunch and dinner?

Such small everyday conveniences that we take so much for granted.

What gets you up and running in the morning?


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17 Responses to Thankful Thursday – Week Three

  1. vixter2010 says:

    So true, we should be thankful for sure! If I could I’d have a cooked breakfast everyday 🙂

  2. tknologlvr says:

    Thankful for my friends and family. My snuggle time with Lisa in the morning gets me going – only time we have peaceful, uninterrupted time. Most days we just lie there and wake up slowly.

  3. susannye says:

    Love the idea of this weekly post! Take care, Susan

  4. silvercannon says:

    1–Silence and solitude when I get up in the mornings. That is different than what others have mentioned but I think the key is to be a peace with what is until it’s time to make a change.

    2. My choice of music if I want–this morning I played my one and only steampunk c.d., Abney Park, which I love.

    3. eating whatever I feel like (out of my healthy choices) for breakfast. Breakfast food for dinner and lunch-type food for breakfast–it’s all good.

  5. Nicole says:

    Hmmmm, it’s easy to take our blessings for granted. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. sweffling says:

    What a good post. My friends in Ireland have gone for weeks each winter recently with no water. It has been a nightmare and made me think again.
    I’m just catching up with posts and really like yours of 18th Feb. I have recently been reading about Dr. Gerson’s diet and am about to try it to see if it helps my CFS and migraines: interestingly, when he gave evidence to congress about his help with cancer sufferers, all his words were later erased from the Congressional record! Now, I wonder who had the power and clout to manage to do that?
    Are there any vegan cookbooks you would recommend to a newbie?

    • I honestly can’t recommend any Vegan Cookbooks as I do eat dairy. I think that the key though for anyone attempting to change their diet is to make sure that they keep it fresh and interesting….I found when I first started that it was so easy to get into a rut of eating the same thing all the time. I’ve not heart of this Gerson’s diet…but I think I’ll go check it out now. After just being in bed for two days straight with a migraine…I’ll try almost anything not to repeat it!

  7. sweffling says:

    Oh you poor thing! Dr. Gerson died in the early 60s I think, but his daughter Charlotte still lectures and runs two clinics, one in Mexico and the other in Hungary. All her lectures and testimonials from others are on Youtube. Apparently he began to find his diet worked on people with TB and as a side effect he found it worked on other chronic diseases and migraines. But it is a toughie!! So much food prep. and all organic. Anyway, I have just bought the book”Healing the Gerson Way” by Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop, as it is more accessible than some of the other books, and it also has some recipes. I do not eat dairy but am a sucker for chocolate and sugar:( But as you say, anything to prevent migraines. Good luck.

  8. soozling says:

    My cats! They are the light of my life. But also because they keep jumping on me and pawing at my toes until I get up to feed them. :p

  9. I love how positive you are! It’s so easy to get caught up on all the negative and stressful things in life that sometimes it’s difficult to take a step back and realize that everything is better than it seems!

    Thanks for the smile 🙂

  10. I love “Thankful Thursdays”! What a wonderful way to live an attitude of grattitude.

  11. The Single Girl says:

    What gets me going in the morning? Um a shower, and brushing my teeth! (oddly enough) I’ve gotten out of the habit of breakfast since coming to university (which is a bad thing…but I still appreciate a bowl of cornflakes every now and then 🙂

  12. I love your Thankful Thursdays posts! They’re such an honest and gracious way of expressing gratitude for the thousand and one things that most people take for granted. I definitely don’t always succeed, but I try to invoke feelings of sincere thanks for many things throughout my day. Most recently, I’ve been thankful for having…strong legs. Sounds goofy? I’m glad to know that if other kind of transit fail me, I can get to where I need to go by walking there. Many people who live with limited or no mobility cannot say the same. 😦

    Keep up the encouraging Thankful Thursdays — your words are touching many!

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