Stalking craigslist

It’s no secret…that I absolutely love craigslist. Almost all of my furniture was purchased second hand and most of it from craigslist ads. I honestly think it’s not only more economic…but also more environmentally responsible to re-purpose furniture rather than throwing things out and buying new. The only things that I really insist upon having new are beds…for well…the obvious reasons.

I recently moved into my new home– (Wow it’s been a month now!) — and have been scouring craigslist for a new bedroom set. I had one chest and one nightstand as did the boyfriend…but they certainly didn’t match each other…hence the search for a new set.

It’s hard figuring out how you want to decorate a new home, what will mesh with existing items, and what will make everyone in the home happy. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is pretty open to almost anything as long as it makes me happy (awww…) I’ve always been a fan of the “Shabby Chic” or “Country Cottage” look and have a quite a few quilts.  When choosing the Silver Sage paint color for the bedroom walls…I knew I was definitely heading into that territory full stop. We still have the ugly blue carpet…which I am planning to replace with hardwood when we redo flooring throughout the house down the road…but with the romantic sage walls and the crisp white trim, I’ve been envisioning a gorgeous lavender and sage bedding set (here’s the link to the set I’ve been eyeing), wispy white curtains,  and shabby white furniture.

So I started with these(please ignore my messy foyer beyond the french door):

Night stands

I almost didn’t score these lovely tables.  I was late on the draw…emailing the owner days after the listing had posted…and after a week without a return email…I assumed that they’d been snatched up in minutes.  Imagine my surprise, when I opened my email on Sunday, to discover that the original deal had fallen through and they were now being offered to me!  Woohoo!!! These were $25 for the set…which I think is a great value….and are open at the bottom so the wall vents that flank my bed won’t be blocked. And they’ll go perfecly with the bedding of my dreams.  The hard part though was that now…I had to find a dresser and chest to match.  No easy feat–I assure you.

After realizing that everything that was a complete set…or that was in great shape was pretty much out of my price range (I’m cheap) and after visiting several home decor blogs, I ended up with the following:

French Provincial Dresser

French Provincial Chest

Yes, I am planning to paint them white to match the nightstands and maybe distress them slightly.  I’ll probably replace the handles as well.  Unfortunately, I need to wait for warmer weather to do so outside as I’ve no garage. I am sure that many of you furniture purists are shuddering right now at the thought of painting over wood….but in my opinion…I’m re-purposing something that might otherwise have ended up in a trash heap…so I have the right to customize it to my taste.  And now as to the price….drum roll please…We paid $150 for the set…(and the guy threw in a pair of club chairs and a table with attached lamp that I plan to use in the living room as well as a small end table–I am hoping to recover/reupholster the chairs…but that huge project {I can’t sew!!} is the topic for another day!)  I’ve seen these dressers go easily for $150 each..and over $500 each when painted and distressed…so I am quite happy with my find!

So what think you?? Will my vision come together??  Is it too girly for a shared Master Bedroom?? And does anyone have any tips for a completely non-crafty/non-handy individual to paint furniture??


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16 Responses to Stalking craigslist

  1. vixter2010 says:

    I love it, they will look fab painted and distressed, you have a good eye!

  2. Mary the OINKteller says:

    Love the lines of those dressers – very pretty! You got a great deal!

  3. everevie says:

    So pretty! And that’s an amazing deal on all that furniture…really, it’s crazy good. I love vintage furniture and repurposed items too…though my “style” is quite a bit more eccentric than yours…I like to call it Flea Market Chic….lol.

  4. silvercannon says:

    It looks like it will all work really well together. You’ve got some great deals there. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to do the painting just fine.

  5. greycatsidhe says:

    Yay for secondhand furniture! What amazing finds!

  6. wow melissa, brilliant stuff! we have something like that could free cycle i got a gorgeous bathroom stand, and no one else has one 🙂 its a small victory!

  7. Joss says:

    a little sanding and some good quality primer before you paint will result in a fabulous job. No sanding and no priming results in paint easily scratched off! so it’s well worth the extra time.
    You got great buys and it’s all going to look fabulous!
    walk in beauty.

  8. Hope the project goes well. Looks like you will have a lovely bedroom when it’s all finished!

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