Thankful Thursday – Lazy Days

It’s Thursday!!  Almost TGIF time!  I actually have had quite the abridged work week since I was off Tuesday and Wednesday – I had two days of vacation time that were about to expire and had to use them up this week. (Truth be told it was very convenient since I caught a cold last weekend and it hit me on Monday–those two days could not have come at a better time 🙂  )

And what a relaxing two days it was!

Tuesday, I lazed about the house all day catching up on some television programming (I had myself a House marathon!) and reading (I’m on page 375 out of almost 600 in A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness!)

On Wednesday, the boyfriend also took off and we spent some time wandering The Monmouth Museum–a small local museum at Brookdale Community College.  The exhibit in the main gallery was:

The Everglades, Vanishing Splendor – An Awakening – Photographs by Anthony Almeida
It highlights the lush landscapes, diverse species and majesty of the threatened Florida Everglades ecosystem, which UNESCO recently designated as an endangered site. The effects of climate change which threaten the Florida Everglades will ultimately threaten coastal areas worldwide. It is Mr. Almeida’s hope that my images serve as emissaries whose mission it is to awaken you to the endless wonders of this unique imperiled land, and in a small way celebrate the beauty and majesty of that which we stand to lose — an ecosystem of infinite complexity and a vital connection with the wild and the free.
(Exhibit description copied from the museum website linked above)

You can see his online portfolio of Everglade Photos here.  I loved the photographs and they wonderfully illustrated just what it is that we risk losing by ignoring our impact on the world’s precariously balanced ecosystems.

Cypress National Park Service Photo

Everglades National Park, Florida

We then did a bit of shopping, went home and ate lunch, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon reading(me) or online(him) and then after dinner watched an old romantic comedy called Only You and then caught American Idol.

It was a perfect two days!  And left only two days until the weekend!  So today:  I am thankful for perfectly timed Lazy Days!

What are you thankful for this Thursday??


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12 Responses to Thankful Thursday – Lazy Days

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Sounds lovely. I like a bit of American Idol although I can’t vote 🙂 I’m thankful tomrorow is Friday for sure!

    • Don’t feel bad…I’ve never voted…even though I’ve watched since season 2. The only bad thing is that when people that I love get kicked off like Daughtry a few seasons ago and James Durbin last week…I can only blame myself! lol

      • vixter2010 says:

        I want Hayley or Lauren to win, I’m not a massive Scotty fan but I think he will do it!

      • Hayley is definitely extremely talented…narrow market for her future albums though. Scotty is less talented but much more marketable. Lauren–I love that girl–but she is a little too young…she needs to build up her confidence more! At this point I’d be happy with any of them for different reasons. Last week I would have hands down said that James should take the whole thing!

  2. Joss says:

    Hail, hail lazy days. Days of rest and wanderings and taking care of you! Awesome.
    The Everglades is a magical place to spend time in. I’ve been there a couple of times and long to return, camera in hand.
    Big fan of James Durbin, not my style of music but I did feel he was the most talented of the whole bunch. At this point, I’m guessing Scottie will win it since the voting demographic seems to be 13-14 year old girls. heh heh.

  3. Matthew says:

    I had taken Tuesday off work this week, which is the day the girl friend always has off so we had an entire day together (finally). Made a late breakfast together (pancakes and omelets), then drove up to a local winery and enjoyed some vino and then dinner at an Irish pub.

    Could definitely get used to days like that.

  4. Boy am I longing for a lazy day! Fortunately, I can live vicariously through you while reading your blog. I always enjoy your posts. In fact, I recently added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  5. misty boston says:

    your 2 days off sound PERFECT… in fact, thankfully it’s Friday! So I will have 2 days off… and I plan to do something very similar to you! 😀

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