The Waiting Game (via The Water Witch’s Daughter)

This post so eloquently expresses so many of my own thoughts and feelings…I just had to share. It seems for some that it is so effortless to “find one’s self” or be comfortable in one’s “own skin” and for others (like myself) it is a constant struggle. Some just seem to “fit in” immediately and others never quite do…and often decide that they really don’t want to anyway…

I think the key is to stop looking for yourself…stop trying to fit in…and just simply live…and be the person you are….

The Waiting Game Sprite's Keeper – "Waiting" I spent my life waiting. It seemed like forever. I was a late bloomer. Life was difficult being a bud among blossoms. I only wanted to be one of “them”. I thought my time would never come. Little did I know I needed to accept myself for others to accept me in return. I was not writing my own story. I yearned for acceptance. I just wanted to fit in. If I couldn’t be one of them, why couldn’t I be a rare orchid? Somehow, … Read More

via The Water Witch's Daughter


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7 Responses to The Waiting Game (via The Water Witch’s Daughter)

  1. We all have our doubts, insecurities, and need for acceptance, but I’m a firm believer in writing your own story (as long as YOU’RE happy with the content).

    • You’d better be happy with the content..else you’ve only got yourself to blame and it’s time for a serious re-write! lol Seriously though…sometimes it’s not until one is older that one realizes that everyone struggles to one degree or another with this issue…

  2. That was beautiful, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. suzicate says:

    Thank you for the shout out, very kind of you!

  4. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  5. sweffling says:

    You are so right, one of the compensations of maturity (age!) is coming to like being who you are and not comparing yourself to others. I think the teens are the most anguished in these stakes: I am at the happy stage of not wanting to write any life story but my own, and fully happy with who I am, despite knowing many faults and realising that there are others I know not of.

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