A Sad Picture (via Thoughtful Pop)

Today I am re-blogging a post written by Mitchell at Thoughtful Pop earlier this month with which I really personally connected. I am hoping that most of you will feel the same way. Although this post is a work of fiction, it is a powerful reminder of the “legacy” that our culture of wastefulness is leaving to the next generations. I think that too often we are overwhelmed by how far in the wrong direction our society has moved and feel that any individual change is pointless…

I’ll leave you with these thoughts from Wendell Berry’s essay Feminism, The Body, and The Machine:

“They mean that no individual’s restraint in the use of technology or energy will be “significant.” This is true. But each one of us, by “insignificant” individual abuse of the world, contributes to a general abuse that is devastating. If I were one of thousands or millions of people who could afford a piece of equipment, even one for which they had a conceivable “need,” and yet did not buy it, that would be “significant.” Why, then, should I hesitate for even a moment to be one, even the first one, of that “significant” number?”

Please read Mitchell’s post below and please join me in being one of that “significant” number…

A Sad Picture This post is part of The Write On Project Topic: Extinction “What’s that, daddy?” The glow from the monitor lights their faces. “Those are parts from old computers, Bug.” “Why?” “Well, computers break and then people throw them away.” She sits silent for a moment. “Why do they throw them away?” “Because they can’t fix th … Read More

via Thoughtful Pop


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4 Responses to A Sad Picture (via Thoughtful Pop)

  1. Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. I am so glad that you connected with this and honored that you thought enough of it to share with your readers. What a world it would be if we all strove to be “significant”. Thanks, again, Melissa. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Joss says:

    Thanks for this link Melissa. Well written and thoughtful.
    walk in beauty.

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