I’m being featured on “When I’m Not Reading” over at the Unread Reader!

I am so excited!! Missie over at the Unread Reader asked me to be a part of her When I’m Not Reading Feature.  I’ve always loved learning about other bloggers and seeing some snapshots of their lives through her feature and I’m thrilled that she’s asked me to participate today!!  Please click on over and check out the post!!
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Until We Meet Again, My Angel

As many of you know this has been a very difficult few weeks/months for our house since my companion of 16 years, my heart, my Milo was diagnosed with cancer.  He was the one constant light in my life for all of my adult years.  No matter what I was going through…all the good and all the bad…I knew that I had only to return home and I would have his love and pureness of spirit to wash over me and heal me.  He’d beg for more food everytime I stepped foot in the kitchen, follow me from room to room and hang out with me while I did my housework, meet me at the door when I returned from work, sit on my lap while I read or watched evening programming, curl up on my side while we slept at night, and in his every action show me that he loved me as much as I loved him.

As of early yesterday morning…he is now my precious angel.  I know that a light like his…so bright and pure…so filled with love…can never burn out.  Though Mother Earth may now begin to reclaim his body…his light still shines brightly to watch out over all of us – And all of us who love him so will forever hold a part of that flame in our hearts.

Here are some pictures of him enjoying our Christmas tree this past holiday season.
Mama’s Babydoll…I will love you forever.
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A Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday


Happy Thanksgiving

My apologies friends for being so absent of late.  I promise to visit all of your blogs soon and see how you fair.  As some of you know this was a very rough Summer/Early Autumn for my family and I with my grandmother’s illness and needs to be met…hopefully the worst of all of that is behind us.

In any case…without further ado…I bring you my Thanksgiving Thankful Five:

1. Wonderful friends and blogging buddies.  This online community has been amazingly supportive and you all have no idea how much I value you.

2.  My amazing sisters and family who love and support me every day of my life…unconditionally.  I can’t imagine life without siblings that I can talk to about anything.

3. My new niece who came to us from Thailand and is now finally living with her parents and brothers.  She is adjusting remarkably well and hopefully I will have the chance to meet her today!

4.  My incredible fiancé!  Yup…you heard that right!  We got engaged last week and I am so happy and thankful that we found each other.  He is my perfect partner…the Yang to my Yin.  Every day I realize more and more how blessed I am that he came into my life.  Knowing that I have someone that I can trust completely…someone who never lets me down…someone who is my rock…is an immeasurable gift.  I tried to take a few pictures but none really do the ring justice:

5.  And finally I am thankful for my furbabies.  My wonderful and spirited Piper who I’ve come to love as if I’ve known him forever.

And my heart, my Milo, who I have known forever…who has been with me these past 16 years and without whom I can’t imagine living.  Milo was diagnosed with Gastric Lymphoma this week and started Chemotherapy this afternoon.  Any positive thoughts for his well being would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving filled with Family, Friends and good Food!  And I hope that each of you stop to appreciate all the things that you have for which to be thankful.

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Sunday Snapshots – The Road Home

Looking at the bright sun outside and the gorgeous colored leaved on the lawn it is hard to believe that we were in a Governor declared State of Emergency yesterday due to SNOW!

We were detoured on our way home from dinner last night and here are a few shots of The Road Home with its dusting of snow.

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Zanesville Animal Massacre Included 18 Rare Bengal Tigers – ABC News

This just breaks my heart…I have no words…

Zanesville Animal Massacre Included 18 Rare Bengal Tigers – ABC News.



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